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Today is Friday, I go shopping with my roommate from 3:00 pm to7:00pm. Then we have supper near the shop. After supper we go shopping again. Ah, ah we are very crazy. May be all the girls are the same. May be shopping is the patent for girls, but not for men. Because girls will go to the same shop for two or three times and just in order to buy one clothes. Girls are like to bargain with the goods and they can not decide which one to buy if they take a fancy to two or more clothes. But men are not. If they think the good is fit for them, they will buy it at once. No matter the price is high or it has the better one.
My boyfriend does not like go shopping with me. He said that it is much more tire than him working for a day if he go shopping with me. Then I will say: ‘oh, well then I will go shopping with the other boy if you don’t go with me.’ and make a face to him. (I just make a joke with him)
At this time he will pretend to be getting angry with me. And said: ‘you dare to!’ ‘Ha-ha, well then you must go shopping with me next time.’ I said. ‘My god!’ he said. I know that I am a winner at that time! ^0^


MY FAVORITE BOOK chicken soup for the soul

Chicken soup for the soul is a book that I like it very much.There are lots of stories in it. Most of them are affecting me very much. I always sympathize with the story. It let me know that people around me is very important and how to love them more. Forgive their mistake. The story encourage me never say give up easily to myself, or I will regret to myself. So I feel it is very useful to me.
(Chicken soup for the heart)





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