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my assignment

Solenoid valve

1) Prevent the valve from being strongly striken in the process of installation and shipment, otherwise it may influence its normal performance.
2) Before installation, the user must check the valve flatly on the test clamps with some prepressing. It is not allowed to be freely-flip. This assures that magnetic material won’t be damaged by colliding, otherwise it will influence the magnetic force.
3) Clean the impurity such as aluminum or oil left on the inner wall of the stove and the surface of the valve.
4) Keep the good connection of the solenoid valve and thermocouple. Prevent the safety protection device from operating abnormally because of too big contact resistance.
5) The warehouse of solenoid valves must be dry and ventilated and strictly prohibit extrusion.



I went traveling with my classmates. We watched the wonderful show and played the exciting games. We also took some interesting photos. All of us ware have a good time in this traveling. But time was gone very fast. I didn’t have enough time to play all the games. I didn’t play the most exciting game. There ware a little despair to me. But it’s OK. And the food in there was very expensive.I like this traveling very much. I like the water driftage. When I finished play the game, my body was full of water. And I had to change my clothes after that. I find some foreigners in that place and I think it is famous. There are some TV programs had visited this carnie.



We hold a meal party on Wednesday, and my roommate brought a camera to classroom. We took some photos in classroom and restaurant. The teacher and some classmates were become our background. !!~^0^~


Issues when developing and implementing an e-business strategy

I like to tell something around me to my friends. So I write something about my day life. And my sentiments about something happen to me and attract me a lot.
So in my blog almost all the stories are about my friend and my family. But there are just a few sentiments in it.
I want to put more stories about my real feeling to my friends and family in it. And some interesting stories, because I want to share my frisk with all of my friends. I hope everyone will happy after reading my blog.
I will note the life detail so that easy to write the story and share the frisk.



There are five people in my family. Today is Sunday and it is almost my family day, because my father and mother have no work to do on that day. So we can sit down and have a tall. But it is funny at the end of the tall. My mother said to my little sister that: ‘who will take you to school today.’ Then my sister said: ‘cong’. (My bigger sister’s boyfriend) what my mother said as flow is surprising to me. She said: ‘a few days ago one of my friends asked me that if my biggest daughter had boyfriend or not. I said no. and I want to introduce to our daughter as friend.’(Oh, my bigger sister is not here) All of us know what my mother means. She wants my sister more choose. But my sister never does that. Then she said again: ‘I think that he didn’t courtesy with the eldership…and so on.’ I never think that she would have this opinion. And my father said nothing during my mother’s talking. Why I feel that is funny, it is the first time that we talk about that topic. And I find that I have the same opinion to my sister’s boyfriend. And before today’s talking I think my parents are likes my sister’s boyfriend and they will not strict with our boyfriends. But I know that is not today.



I went to the KTV room with my roommates and one boy on last Saturday. We arrive there at 2:00pm. But it was no room for us and we waited almost an hour. During waiting, we saw a couple of twines. They come there with their mother. We took a photo for them then they discover it. (I think they will they will say: ’Oh no, we are not already to take the photo.’ After an hour we went to the KTV room and enjoyed ourselves. We become crazy after half an hour…


My assignment

Enhance the lecture presentation by Blogging.I think that is very interesting. As a student, I think it is important to attract students to learn by themselves not the teachers. Use the video education will help students learn knowledge more easily. And students can review the knowledge clearly.
Tata Blog 游戏式学习
Online games are serious business! And when it comes to helping students learn, that’s as serious as it gets. If teachers and administrators were to consider principles involved in designing video games and apply those same principles to the classroom teaching experience, then learning would be so much more stimulating.
A flash presentation that details the pedagogical benefits of Online Video in Education, examples of uses, and a new web-based production/delivery system that simplifies the technology of streaming video. Features include In-Browser Recording and simple video integration with Learning Management Systems.


That day we were standing at the bus-stop and waiting for the bus for a long time. All of us were very tired after shopping. I took a photo for my two friends. They are very interesting. And today one of my roommates fined the similar picture in the web. But that picture’s protagonists are two cats. All of us think that they are very similar and funny. ~ ^0^ ~


It is raining today. My heart is raining as well. I was quarrel with my boy friend. He said to me that: ‘I feel that you are not caring me enough. Every day my workmates’ girlfriend always phone them and ask what they are dong or where they are. But you are not. I am very envious of them.’ I feel very angry when he said that and keep silent for a few second. Then I said to him: ‘I wouldn’t wait for you phone any more.’ And cut down the phone quickly. After that I feel very sad. Because I always wait him give me a phone at night. And it is usually very late. I do always ask him to take care of himself and do not smoking any more. Put more clothes when is cold outside and so on. I don’t want to give him a phone when he is working, because I don’t want to affect his work. But he seems like me to do it. What can I do for it? May be we still can not understand each other. We fall in love with each other for almost one year. May be we need more time to realize each other.



When I look at this picture I will miss the bird. It belongs to one of my roommate. And it did not buy in the market, but it come to my roommate’s house by itself. In China people believe that the bird wills luck if it comes to the house by itself. I don’t know whether it bring luck, but I am sure that when it in our dorm we are very happy. It had even lived in my dorm for almost a term. But we didn’t have the fit cage for the bird. We just used the rabbit cage for it to live. The cage is a little small for it but I think it like the cage very much. Because it love to climb up the cage very much and it just like a monkey. And it will tweet if we leave it along. But it would not tweet if we were sleeping. It seemed to know that we were the time to have a rest and keep silent. So we love it very much.
May be not all the people like to clean the cage but it is not for me. Because when I clean the cage the bird would very excited.
But now the bird is not in our room any more. Because all of us must go home after last term and we send the bird to one of our friend to take care it. At the beginning of this term we got the bad news. The friend of us told us that it was died in the winter. I feel very sad and I can not believe that is true. When I see the others birds flying in the sky I will miss it very much.



Today is Friday, I go shopping with my roommate from 3:00 pm to7:00pm. Then we have supper near the shop. After supper we go shopping again. Ah, ah we are very crazy. May be all the girls are the same. May be shopping is the patent for girls, but not for men. Because girls will go to the same shop for two or three times and just in order to buy one clothes. Girls are like to bargain with the goods and they can not decide which one to buy if they take a fancy to two or more clothes. But men are not. If they think the good is fit for them, they will buy it at once. No matter the price is high or it has the better one.
My boyfriend does not like go shopping with me. He said that it is much more tire than him working for a day if he go shopping with me. Then I will say: ‘oh, well then I will go shopping with the other boy if you don’t go with me.’ and make a face to him. (I just make a joke with him)
At this time he will pretend to be getting angry with me. And said: ‘you dare to!’ ‘Ha-ha, well then you must go shopping with me next time.’ I said. ‘My god!’ he said. I know that I am a winner at that time! ^0^


MY FAVORITE BOOK chicken soup for the soul

Chicken soup for the soul is a book that I like it very much.There are lots of stories in it. Most of them are affecting me very much. I always sympathize with the story. It let me know that people around me is very important and how to love them more. Forgive their mistake. The story encourage me never say give up easily to myself, or I will regret to myself. So I feel it is very useful to me.
(Chicken soup for the heart)





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