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When I look at this picture I will miss the bird. It belongs to one of my roommate. And it did not buy in the market, but it come to my roommate’s house by itself. In China people believe that the bird wills luck if it comes to the house by itself. I don’t know whether it bring luck, but I am sure that when it in our dorm we are very happy. It had even lived in my dorm for almost a term. But we didn’t have the fit cage for the bird. We just used the rabbit cage for it to live. The cage is a little small for it but I think it like the cage very much. Because it love to climb up the cage very much and it just like a monkey. And it will tweet if we leave it along. But it would not tweet if we were sleeping. It seemed to know that we were the time to have a rest and keep silent. So we love it very much.
May be not all the people like to clean the cage but it is not for me. Because when I clean the cage the bird would very excited.
But now the bird is not in our room any more. Because all of us must go home after last term and we send the bird to one of our friend to take care it. At the beginning of this term we got the bad news. The friend of us told us that it was died in the winter. I feel very sad and I can not believe that is true. When I see the others birds flying in the sky I will miss it very much.

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